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Why Do Male Soccer Players Wear Sports Bras?

Lately, you may have seen online photos showing professional soccer players wearing an item of clothing that resembles a bra. Is it true? And if so, why do soccer players wear bras?

Although it may resemble a sports bra, the item of clothing is not a bra and is not designed to support the player’s chest. The vest supports a GPS tracker that gives useful information to the coaching staff on positioning and distance traveled for each player.

Let’s take a look at why this information is vital for the individual player as well as for the wider team and their success.


Let’s start with the most obvious reason. A GPS tracker can feedback on how hard a player is working. The GPS tracker provides information on how far the player has run and what distance and speed they are traveling.

This is not only useful for coaches, but it’s also a gentle nudge for soccer players. If a player is not putting in the effort they could risk losing their position on the team. Having a GPS tracker on your person is a reminder to the player that they need to work for their place on the team.

There’s no place to hide anymore.

With that said, there is one major caveat to putting in too much effort every training session.

Recovery And Injury Management

We all like to push ourselves from time to time, but this can be counterproductive. If we are not taking into consideration our recovery then doing too much has the opposite effect.

We all want to work hard (well, most of us do)! But recovery and injury prevention is vital. A soccer player must be fit and ready throughout the season and they are no good to anyone if they are too tired or injured.

The information provided by the GPS tracker can tell the coaching staff whether a player is doing too much. This feedback can then give a clear idea of whether a player needs to back off their intensity.

This might mean that a player will adjust their training sessions. They complete some light drills with a ball, instead of lots of running and fitness sessions.

It also helps reduce the chances of an injury. Overtraining is counterintuitive and increases the chance of an injury.

Feedback On Positioning

Another reason a player will use a GPS tracker is to give details on where their positioning is on a soccer field. This provides coaching staff with the places the player has run on a field, also referred to as a player’s heat map.

For example, the coaching staff might spot their striker getting caught out of the left wing. They aren’t making enough goal-scoring opportunities in front of the goal.

Or one of the central midfielders is staying in the opposition’s half and ignoring their defensive duties.

This is crucial information as it determines whether a player is out of position. They might be hiding in a match situation, or covering ground they shouldn’t be. This also feeds into our previous point of either not doing enough or too much.

Information For Fans

A GPS tracker can also give facts and stats to publications who can then tell the fans how much their favorite player has done.

In the 2022 World Cup, players would take their tops off revealing the GPS tracker vest underneath, so it’s likely this will become more common.

Why Isn’t The GPS Tracker A Watch?

The reason players will use this chest support is for safety and accuracy purposes.

If a player were to wear a bulky GPS tracker on their wrist, this could injure other players during a tackle or jostle for possession.

As the GPS tracker is on the player’s back, it’s away from any awkward positions and is less likely to cause harm.

Being placed on the back is also the most stable position for tracking and will give the most accurate data readings.

Are they uncomfortable?

I’ve never had the opportunity to wear one, but have it on good authority that they are not the most comfortable items of clothing to wear.

They tend to create a lot of pressure around the torso and shoulders due to the fact the GPS tracking box needs to be as secured as possible.

With that said, I’m all about improving my game so I’d wear one if given the chance. I’ve worn some pretty uncomfortable cleats in my time so this wouldn’t be a problem!

Professional soccer players must wear them during training sessions. If they fail to wear it they risk getting fined so it is in their best interest.

Do You Need One?

Is it necessary to own a GPS tracker vest? This will depend on a few factors.

Skill Level

Do high school or college players need to use one?

If you’re serious about improving your game, this piece of technology will likely help you. If your goal is to reach the MLS then any advantage you can get over the competition you should take.

If you play on a Sunday for a local team and do it for fun, then it’s not something you’re ever likely to need. You’re better off building your soccer skill foundations. Working on things like footwork and fitness than the intricacies of your positioning is time better spent.


If you have the money to buy a GPS tracking vest then it might be worth adding this piece of kit. Even if you play at a local level, it might still be fun to see how much you run and how well you are positioning yourself relative to your position on the field.

But if you have to choose between a new pair of cleats or a GPS tracker vest, then go with the new cleats.

What Next?

Now that you have all the information on the GPS tracker vest, is it worth your money to buy one?

We have reviews on our site that showcase the best GPS trackers worth your money.

Otherwise for those that want to improve their soccer fundamentals, here is an article on how to kick a soccer ball with power and perfect accuracy.

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